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Sasha is back and I love it

Finally some good work for my beloved Sasha Gachulincova !After a poor NY fashion week, I'm pleased to see her appearing in several shows in Milan, and in prints with an editorial in Tush#7 (see pics) + an another one in US Harpers Bazaar march'07.  
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Last press review before Paris !

This is my last press review before going to Paris ! And news are quite good... Besides Eva Arlauskaite (featured below) the latest issue of L'Officiel (French) has two nice editorials with the gorgeous Viktoriya Sasonkina, also in Milan right now. Vogue Paris is really nice too, in spite of a cover that didn't strike my at first sight. Freja is marvelous in the bright colored ed and Valeriya Garcia is just beautiful in the jewels ed. Numero is less interesting but remains good with Coco, Behati and Julia Dunstall, the funny thing is... [Lire la suite]
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Eva Arlauskaite: Prada + l'Officiel in a row

Watch for this pretty young girl, miss Arlauskaite, signed with IMG, is doing very well right now...
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Antonio Marras f/w 07-08

Antonio Marras f/w 07-08pics from Marras is always a good moment in Milan fashion weeks. I love his shows, not especially the clothes themselves but the atmosphere and the castings are simply marvelous, season after season. This one keeps his promises including some very nice outfits in a fairy tale background. Models are carefully chosen as always and Nataliya Piro as well as Helena Magone appeared for the third time in one of his shows. Both were gorgeous and their outfits looked like they've been... [Lire la suite]
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Jil Sander f/w 07-08

pics from I saw Jil Sander collection for the first time my immediate reaction was: "well, it looks the same as last one ". That wasn't actually a bad point cause on one hand, I loved Raf Simons s/s 07 collection and I litterally fell in love with his yellow suit and on the other hand, it's always nice  to have the feeling the designer believes enough in what he does not to buck what was put out the season before. But the more I see from this show, the more I love it. As I took a second look at... [Lire la suite]
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Die Lieblinge der Saison

model: Margarita Babinaby Anselm Woessler
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Ruven Afanador, special issue

model: Julie Mordovets model: Rachel @ Click model: Jo Takla model: Olga M. @ Marilynall pics from German Glamour #05 2007 by Ruven Afanador
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Amica, as promised

model: Dioni Tabbersby Alessandro Dal Buoni
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model: Dovile Virsilaite by Luis Sanchis
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model: Sara Guarchby Laetitia Negre
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