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Helena Magone by Wendy Bevan

I discovered this talented photographer while searching for editorials with Kinga Rajzak. She did a nice one with her. However, I was really stunned by her work with Helena Magone, she's just perfect for this kind of editorials.
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Alexandra Carr

She's the photographer of the editorial with Julia in current Dealer de Luxe (see press review below) and I'm just very enthusiastic about her work. I love the atmosphere of her pics and the way she's able to "feel" the models. Kinga Rajzak and Dovile Virsilaite very simply at their best on her photographs. Quite stunning... model: Dovile
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Press review !

I've bought many good mags this past week but this last one is the best by far ! It's called Dealer de Luxe and is a little bit expensive but worth its price. Many editorials inside, many good ones among them, many new models featured and interesting topics in French, translated in English. Well, this should be enough but I can't help telling you the names of the models. My first surprise was to see Lisa Seeley in one of the eds, closely followed in the same one by Sveta Nesterova. Just stunning. Young Julia @ Trump also has her own... [Lire la suite]
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Martina Correa by Ben Watts

I've been carefully looking at a French mag when I found a picture of Martina Correa. Wow ! My first idea was to look at the name of the photographern, it's often a good idea to see if there's more than just that pic... and there's actually a whole editorial !
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Eva Helene Skarvig, more than "Prada material"

It's a well known term for young models, exciting newcomers that are probably going to be the next one to watch for at Prada in Milan. Suvi Koponen, Sasha Pivovarova and more recently Eva Arlauskaite, Irina Kulikova and Truus Hooiveld were discovered on Miucca's runway. Let's talk about another "Prada girl" that is building a strong career everywhere on the fashion scene (including on Chanel f/w 07-08 show): Eva Helene Skarvig. We've just found two exciting campaigns for Vera Wang (current campaign) and... Prada's second... [Lire la suite]
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Helena Magone by Agostino Vacca

Other pearl from BMM magazine is this editorial with Helena Magone. Seems that the gorgeous and mysterious Latvian redhead is getting more and more work each month... We won't complain !
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Egle Tvirbutaite by Matteo Ferrari

BMM magazine loves Lithuanians ! After Dovile Virsilaite and Sandra Gajauskaite featured in their editorials, it's time for Egle to grace their pages. A really eye-catching ed we were glad to find... more about the magazine: www.bmm.ccmore about the photographer:
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Elena Shestakova by Catherine Louis

I knew her to be the photographer of that wonderful beauty editorial with Nataliya Piro (you know, that bright colored one with fruits and lots of green...) and I've just found she did a few pics of Elena Shestakova. Definitely, we have similar tastes !more about this photographer:
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Ida Agrahn

Mysterious and intriguing Ida is sometimes a little hard to find these days... but here we have a complete editorial including that famous pic that made us loving her so much. Hope we'll see more of that kind soon, she has the potential and undeniably deserves some more opportunities...unfortunately I don't have the photographer's name but keep on searching !
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Another Sasha... creating some buzz on The Fashion Spot ! It's the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind model Sasha Beznosyuk, one of our long time favorite, also one of Valentino and Elle Von Unwerth's all-time favorites. Not the typical beginner, Sasha is modeling for a few years now and was the face of Guess a few seasons ago. For sure, we don't see enough of her in mags even if she did some marvelous editorial work. Here is a pic by Tobias Zarius published in Mademoiselle Technikart in 2006. Hope to see new ones like that soon !
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