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Press review !

Went to another bookshop today and found a marvelous mag with Ilona Kuodiene on the cover (I was complaining about not to see her enough, yesterday on The Fashion Spot...) called Tank. Yes, this mag called Tank I had already bought a few issues before but this one is the very best ! Besides Ilona who also has an ed inside, the mag is featuring great models like Tiah Eckhardt, Pom, Malin Martensson and... Nataliya Piro ! Her work is so amazing these last months, glad to see it.Other news include a nice issue of Spanish Marie-Claire:... [Lire la suite]
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Vintage eds of Eva Helene !

While tidying my mags, I've found two old eds with Eva Helene Skarvig. One from an old French Glamour (april 2006) she shares with Agyness Deyn (listed as Agnes Hollins) and another one from a Russian Elle Girl from the same period. Maybe repost... if not, enjoy !          from French Glamour, by Peter Stranglmayr from Russian Elle Girl
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Matthew Ames f/w 07-08 lookbook

Featuring Andressa Fontana ! She also appeared earlier this year in his f/w 07-08 show in NY as a pretty brunette. The lookbook is built like an enormous editorial, I mean it's nearly (or over) 50 quality pics shot by Carlotta Manaigo. The collection is cool and clever, brilliantly playing with shapes, volumes... and sleeves. Andressa ads her extra touch of sensuality to this awesome catalogue. view more, learn more about this
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Another L'Officiel

I've mostly reviewed and posted eds from L'Officiel Paris and now it's big time to take a closer look at it's Russian cousin !I really wish I could find it where I live but sounds like a dream that won't come true for the moment... It's a pity because here is maybe Nataliya Piro's very best editorial to date. By Marcin Tyszka. also visit the photographer's website: www.marcintyszka.commarvelous eds with Zosia Prominska, Bianca O'Brien, Marcelina Sowa, Anja Rubik and Anna Nocon among others !
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In contro luce

by Tiago Molinos, from Glamour Italia apr'07model: Olga Serova
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Beauty editorial...

... with Anna Kuznetsova ! One of the great surprises of this issue of L'Officiel. She's absolutely perfect for the job and I guess her fans will be delighted by those few pics...
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Short Story

It's the biggest ed in may'07 L'Officiel (French version). Models featured are Kasia Kniola and Josephine Hedström,  (also on the cover) -thank you Saracita for the iD- but for the other(s) I still need some help...
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"Petite Poupée"

When we met Lisa Porter in Paris she told us people often say she looks like a "Petite Poupée" (tiny doll). I love the way she told us...with neither over-confidence nor fake modesty, just like a child. A few times later, while buying some mags, I checked out by chance the German version of Gala (rather a "gossip magazine") and found the lovely Lisa inside. Here are the pics
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Galliano topic in Mixte

Among other great stuff you'll find in that may'07 issue of Mixte, there's an interview (rather interesting) of John Galliano about cinema. And to go with it a little editorial featuring Marcelina Sowa, Katarina Ivanovska and Yevgenya Kedrova by Philip Gay. Here it is...
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Press review !

Very short press review: I've just bought Spanish Glamour with Jessica Sjöö and Dace Burkevica. It's been a long time I haven't seen Dace anywhere... German Glamour is also released with Tetyana Piskun but looks like a reprint.
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