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10 mag, summer 2007

Yesterday, after having lunch, we were talking about who's in which mag and were wondering where's Sofi Berelidze. Seems that 10 and photographer Andreas Sjödin had the answer. I don't know who styled this but it's a brilliant mix, very well executed, I love how the dress melts with the Burberry coat... Can't wait to see it in stores !
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Hâlée l'été

model: Suzanne Diazfrom Mixte june'07 by John Scarisbrick
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Lara Stone by Steven Lyon

Lara Stone has recently been photographed by some of the biggest names appearing in V, Vogue and Numéro and her editorial work so far was beyong good. That's why I  didn't expect to see something even more eye-catching and edgy: those pitures by Steven Lyon !
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Need some help

from Bon magazinephotographer: Brigitte Niedermaier /hair stylist: Rodolphe Farmermodel: Judith Bédard I've found those by chance on Labo'M website and was wondering which issue of Bon magazine it comes from...
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from L'Officiel june-july'07by Elina Kechichevamodel: Masha Novoselova
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from Jalouse june'07 issueby Elina Kechicheva  styled by Jennifer Eymèremodels: Nadine and Elianne Smit
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Meow !

I still don't know exactly what this blog is about,  I just had a quick look, seems interesting, a blog which loves  both fashion models and animals: Youarearockstar (Michael) for driving me there !
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Four  unexpected ed appearances  in a row for Cintia Dicker who is at her best in Joyce Pascowitch Magazine by Rafael Assef, Vogue Brazil May '07 by André Schiliró, Photography Magazine and i-D June'07  both by Paul Wetherell.
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Vanina Sorrenti

model: Mina CvetkovicThis could be an introduction to one of our next topics: "Nudity in Fashion". Or it could be entitled "Another Sorrenti". Well, I prefer to call it simply "Vanina Sorrenti" because it's about her work and nothing else right now. About her seducing portfolio including works with Mina Cvetkovic, Danijela Dimitrovska, Lara Stone or Kim Noorda among others. About the sweet and strong atmosphere you can feel on every picture. It might be an introduction to one of our future topics... [Lire la suite]
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Kent Baker's portraits

We've discovered him in Wonderland, he is the photographer of the beautiful editorial with Anja Rubik. So, we were eager to know more about him. Great work, every pic is worth a look. But as painters we are strongly focused on portraits our attention was caught on his intriguing portraits of models. It's the biggest part of his portfolio and the most amazing. From the Anja Rubik editorial based on movements and disguises to those pictured here (with emphasis put on expressions, feautures and angles) we were completely astonished... [Lire la suite]
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