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Divanopka !

  The most aristocratic face of the fashion industry is adding some seriously enticing stuff to the huge amount of wonderful work she did so far. I remember her as one of the most striking "Russian Ladies" of Vogue Paris last year, I remember her playing a gorgeous ingénue besides Bette Franke in another issue of the French mag, I remember her backstage picsand her bittersweet smile. I never forgot the strength of any picture of Snejana.   Though, I was missing her, missing all those great editorials she was able to give... [Lire la suite]
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by Ralf Püllmansmodel: Bianca O'Brien
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There's Something in the Hair (part 1)

Editorial pics from Mixte
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  Dovile Virsilaite as a redhead ? Agyness Deyn with long brown hair ? There's is obviously something that doesn't look usual. Or maybe it's usual to see models without their usual hairdo ? Let's jump into the world of hair-chameleons !
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Chop till you drop !

Agyness Deyn may appear as the major icon of this trend as she turned from her light blond hair to her famous platinum short hair a few seasons ago. She's using it the most subtle way exploring all the possibilities of this kind of hairdo from bedhead effect to a cleaner, calmed-down version. More recently, other models went from their long of half-long hair to a freshly chopped cut. I'm thinking about Milagros Schmoll, Anja Rubik and Leah de Wavrin in particular. The Polish superstar is appearing on the newest Chloé ads while... [Lire la suite]
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Easy bob, easy go !

from left to right, first row: Tanya Cubko and Alison Nixsecond row: Olya Ivanisevic, Ol'ha Honchar, Kiera Gormley and Rachel Alexander. Bobs and bangs created such a huge wave of excitement among the fashion industry during the last seasons. Kiera Gormley, Rachel Alexander, Olya Ivanisevic, Tanya Chubko and the two most extreme ones: Alison Nix and Ol'ha Honchar and with their truly 20's hairdo. Before the bob...Let's take a look at Tanya, Rachel, Alison and Olya before they had their hair cut. And for every models... [Lire la suite]
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Play with me !

Tuanne Froemming by Karina Taira Haircuts are playful. Ask any designer, hair stylist, photographer, editorialist... There's always a good reason to play with shapes, lengths and colors. Just like what you can do with clothes. From Lacroix s/s 07 all in red bobs to Galliano doing some mischievous swaps between models' hair, turning redheads into brunettes and brunettes into blondes. There are many examples. In the same mood both Steven Meisel and Olaf Wipperfürth turned Lithuanian brunette Dovile Virsilaite into a platinum... [Lire la suite]
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Pale skins, platinum blondes and the story goes on...

  Platinum blond was often related to Barbie girls in the past, mixing this eye-catching nearly white color with excessive tan. Seems that this is just a memory, among the fashion industry at least. Platinum blond is more often spotted on extremely pale skinned models. We've already evoke Agyness Deyn's case, let's see other examples. Jessica Stam, after her black and red periods turned ot platinum blond lately. Mixed to her extreme paleness and her distant cat eyes, the effect is guaranteed. Before being today's blond... [Lire la suite]
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News from Dovile

Here are two of Dovile Virsilaite's latest shots, from IMG models, if someone has got more info about the photographer, stylist, magazines or any other contributor, let us know !
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from Telvamodel: Edda Petursdottirby Bela Adler and Salvador Fresnedaalso check their website, lots of editorials and ad campaigns with Edita Vilkeviciute...
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