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Deviant Portraits from The Regional Administration

    from Wig #4 by photographer and editor in chief Wolfgang Mustainstyled by Darren Knighthair: Hamilton, make-up: Phyllis Cohenmodels: Ellen Boulland,  Jessica Niederberger, Rupert Smith, Elliot Brignull This issue is about Eastern Europe, it evokes Eastern bloc governments, fallen Eastern Bloc regimes, Chernobyl, Leni Riefenstahl's film Olympia, the youth in transition movement and explores a sideways Eastern Bloc fashion angle.Also lateral thinking provides the mix: the grandeur of Romanov family,... [Lire la suite]
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La Fille du Nord

   by Alessandro dal Buoni styled by Karen Langleymodel: Laragh McCann
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Bye bye Blondie

by Josh Olins styled by Joanna Schlenzkamodel: Andressa Fontana
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Woman Now

        by Jan Welters styled by Belén Casadevallimodel: Daiane Conterato
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Working Girls

by Laura Sciacovelli styled by Belén Casadevallmodels: Michaela Kocianova and Dasha Malygina
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Press review

*there is another version of Mixte cover and Björk has an interview+ editorial inside  Back from the bookshop, I've bought Mixte and l'Officiel, both eyes-closed.I was looking forward to buying Mixte simply because of the amazing casting of models.Working Girls by Laura Sciacovelli, featuring Michaela Kocianova and Dasha Malygina on old-school looking pictures showing in the most interesting way that the battle of "80's glamazone versus 00's alien models" has another interest than leading to a winner and the deep... [Lire la suite]
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Showcards, showcards, showcards...

Now that (almost) every agency in New York has released show packages it's big time for a round-up of everything that came up from the big IMG to the less-known Q Models or Fusion. We've seen New York Model Management's package in avant-première and went totally crazy with their amazing package (see below), were totally surprised by MC² models this season, still hoping for surprises from Elite, in love with Supreme's design and lucky to see One still have so much great ones... Here are showcards from all the other agencies ! ... [Lire la suite]
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    Who's next at Next ? Alek Alexeyeva ? Maxine ? Natallia Hrabianets ? Or our absolute favorite Nanou Vandecruys ? Time will tell... and why not a breakthrough for Anna Arendshorst who just joined Next and had a shining couture season ?        Well, what can we say ? Dovile is missing, sure it hurts but otherwise this package is rich, with a huge diversity and the quality you can expect from IMG. Even Kerstin Mannik looks like the freshest newbie... timeless beauty, fitting... [Lire la suite]
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September's coming soon...

Looks like september is coming really soon. Actually it does... Less than one week and less than two weeks from NY s/s 08 fashion week ! Show packages are already released and we've almost seen some of them from all the agencies. Beginning with the wonderful package of New York Models (Sarah, Yana, Arina...), the surprising team from MC² (Jandra, Ginta...) and some models to watch for at Ford (Laila, Fernanda, Cicely...) and Trump (Ekat, Maria...). We also know what's going on at One Models Management with some favorite of ours like... [Lire la suite]
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MC² s/s 08 show package: better than ever !

It's showtime soon... and showcards are popping up here and there on the web as New York fashion is coming in less than two weeks. We've already seen a few agencies' package as MC² models came out. If it's maybe not the very best of all of them, it's surprising and the quality looks higher than ever. Jandra Dziaugyte is back, Ginta Lapina strengthen her appeal while Cory John 's slender silhouette litterally caught our eyes. Without forgetting the sweetest face of this s/s 08 package called Valya. Other girls to watch for among... [Lire la suite]
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