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Is calling. We'll be there tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and ready for a wild week. Meeting people. Designers, models, scouts, painters, illustrators, make-up artists, photographers. From early in the morning to late in the night, we won't stop. Madness. And magazines. That's why it's the right time to make a our last local press review before leaving. Many new things. Many great news.Sophie Vlaming and Valeria Garcia are busy. Very busy. We already knew Valeria was in Stiletto fall'07 and now she pops up in Plastique. Yes,... [Lire la suite]
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More mags. More issues

Sara Blomqvist on Plastique cover, Andressa Fontana in V#49,Natasha Poly on Doingbird#12 cover and Ilona Kuodine on Volt cover.*Thanks to Unipine and Ed for the pictures. New mags. New issues. Huge Expectations. More than ever, we're looking forward to seeing what's inside the second issues of Plastique (we love the first one, love love love!) and Volt (just discovered !). And nices surprising are waiting for us in the latest V and Doingbird. Like this picture of Andressa, breathtaking, looks so fragile. Without forgetting Dasha... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Vesta !

We have a thing for Lithuanians. Egle, Dovile, Giedre, Dei, Ilona, Edita... the list is long and grows longer, adding the lovely Vesta Blazeviciute. Sweet or fierce, whatever, she does it all. From stunning polaroids to editorials in french Marie-Claire. And marvelous test shots. Her mother agency is Baltic Vilnius and she's ready to make her mark in Western Europe, signed with First Models Management in London and Elite Paris.
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A new future

  She disappeared from Viva Paris a few months ago. We're all wondering what happened and where she was going to be signed. She finally landed at Nathalie Paris. Good news, she joins an impressive board including Dasha Malygina, Olga Sherer and some of our favorite new or rather new faces Sveta Egorova, Olga Shpunyakova, Julia Shvets and Ira Gorban. For sure, Tanya Chubko has a bright, brand new future in Paris.
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Maurizio Pecoraro s/s 08 Milan

          pictures from Love Pecoraro. Always. Blue, purple, fluo and so on. And a marvelous casting, count Tanya Chubko, Anzhelika Kocheba, Lera Sheremeta, Courtney Smerski, Edythe Hughes, Ginta Lapina... Love Prada castings but this one is as cool as Miuccia's bunch of high level models. Maurizio Pecoraro's shapes are another bonus. That's his shapes, not the ones we've seen last season, not the ones we've seen two seasons ago but they're truly different from all the vibes I... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

Eva Helene Skarvig in Mixte Went to the bookstore this morning. Across the rain, weather is worse than ever here. But mags are better than ever. Numéro is out. Nice editorial by Miles Aldridge that would make me want to buy it. Good models yet nothing suprising. Stam, Irina Lazareanu, Kasia Struss, Masha Novoselova, Anja Rubik and might have forgotten one or two girls. Mixte is even better. Far better to be honest. Read Michaela Kocianova plus Alexandra Tomlinson plus Inguna Butane plus some other nice eds. Plus Eva Helene... [Lire la suite]
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Prada s/s 08 Milan

Here comes Prada also known as the most awaited show in Milan. Surprises ? Always. Crushes ? Always. And all those people who don't like it first and will be totally converted within a few weeks. That's a part of Prada's charms. The casting also. Huge speculations around "who's gonna open the show" already ran for months. It was finally Adina who was leading the "Prada-girls" group, opening the collection in green, dark green and printed silk. Reminiscences of Miuccia's latest works are metling... [Lire la suite]
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Jil Sander s/s 08 Milan

              pics from Seems that Raf Simons could never disappoint me. I've said yesterday how impressed I am when I notice designers that re-invent their own style, that stay true to themselves without being obviously repetitive and here I've another perfect example. It's typical Jil Sander by Raf Simons as you immediately feel it when you look at it. It's plenty of innovations though, especially when you look at it outfit after outfit. Or outfit by... [Lire la suite]
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D & G s/s 08 Milan

           pictures from D&G Probably the best thing in Milan so far. I know it's quite early as this s/s 08 fashion has just begun and many promising collections haven't been shown yet but it was a real shock. Shock like a shock, not like shocking. Or say rocking. It moves, it rocks, it rules. And it's really amazing to see them remaining true to their style without being obviously repetitive. You immediately recognize "la griffe" D&G though the pices, the... [Lire la suite]
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Andrew Woffinden

Discovered this photographer yesterday as he worked with James Worthington DeMolet, the stylist featured below. We wanted to know more about his work and checked his website. Amazing shots. Amazing power of taking advantage of every kind of situations and stylings. From studio pictures on white backgrounds to stories taking place in the countryside, Andrew Woffinden's photographs are all worth a look.  And his website too.
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