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The s/s 08 Red Head issue

Holland Stevens and Irina Magda, Nataliya Piro and Natalia Doronina, Elaine Kenny and Alice Gibb. Red alerts and freckle frenzy are back here after a s/s 08 season with some nice little surprises. As always, I'd say. Redheads come and go in the fashion industry with some unexpected newcomers, some unexpected come-backs and unfortunately some others who disappeared, sometimes for one season, sometimes for quite long. For example: where is Jacqueline Keller ? No idea. She did Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc one year ago, then rather... [Lire la suite]
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Tomorrow will be really too late !

Here it the next round. 25 girls selected among over 1000 models in more than 100 agencies. And still more to come ! Some of them have already hit the runways and made their first steps in major fashion cities while some others are still brand new in their mother agencies. And one isn't even signed yet. Brings some diversity in this second package. Just stay tuned for a neverending model-quake !  Alexia@ Ford Brazil, Brazil  Alyona@ Nelly Models, Russia  Andrea@ Scouteen, Czech Republic  Anzhela@ Iconic... [Lire la suite]
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The Ones and Only

*courtesy of One We've just finished our article on future faces that we received this. Eight cards for eight models from One, New York. Eight of this season's most sought-after models. Some of them were among our future faces a few months or one year ago. Or even more, we were Olga Sherer's supporters since day one. And this amazing line-up includes no less than a Prada-girl (Claudia Seiler), a favorite of Steven Meisel (Denisa Dvorakova), the latest Muse cover-girl (Jenny Sweeney), the cutest thing walking around (Mirka... [Lire la suite]
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Colin Dodgson

Another photographer we wanted to feature here is Colin Dodgson, one of the Avantguardians from Surface that we already introduced to you earlier this year. Now we wanted to take a closer look at his portfolio. Think atmosphere and great models choices like Iekeliene Stange, Martina Correa or Alison Nix. And check his website.
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Fashion or not ?

I'm in love, seriously in love with this part of Yiorgos Mavropoulos, a photographer we'd like to feature here for quite a moment now. It's called "Fashion or not ?" and I'd say "beyond fashion" or "at the edge between fashion and... er... what's beyond !" also check out his website.
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French, Revue de Modes

         Meghan Collison, Ali Michael, Kastyn Reid, Gabriela Oulicka, Elena Melnik and Angelika Kocheva,Masha Novoselova, Elsa Sylvan, Sofi Berelidze, Mina Cvetkovic, Diana Moldovan, Karina Gubanova, Zuzanna Stankiewicz and Bruna Hort        Elena Melnik  Valeria Garcia   Sofi Berelidze and Rachel Clark  Julia Välimäki and Yana Karpova Ajuma Nasenyana and Kinee Diouf     Masha Novoselova First pictures out... [Lire la suite]
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The Hopes, the Hoax, the Intelligent Beauty.

If there is a beautiful way to be intelligent or an intelligent way to be beautiful, the result would look like Margaryta Senchylo. It's also my vision of Prada and no matter how talented are Irina Kulikova and Anabela Belikova, the image of the brand is all about Margaryta this season. She's a bit of a mystery. A touch of classical beauty, a touch of odd cuteness, she wears glasses the same way as glam make-up. There is a subtle balance. But where's the balance ? That's the mystery ! Maybe everywhere, in her features, in her... [Lire la suite]
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Cate Chant by James Mahon

   She did Prada, he did test for the most promising models. Can we say duet ? Photographer James Mahon shot Cate Chant, New York Model Management's brightest newcomer of the season. Like partners in a team, seems they both added their own touch to these pictures.
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Where is Ekat ?

Yes, where is Ekat ? In Vogue Paris ? In Vogue Germany ? In Italian Amica ? At Louis Vuitton ? At Balenciaga ? At Valentino ? At Miu Miu ? Find her ! Ekat Kiseleva storms around the right places in the fashion world. Sheer blonde or dark brunette, casual chic or dramatically decadent, her style sets its place beyond the notion of a well defined look. It's not even about codes or attitudes. She embodies a new version of litterally speaking romanticism, built for today and tomorrow, in which I could see an endless inspiration for... [Lire la suite]
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so Cool and so Dramatic

 models: Noreen Carmody and Uliana Tikhova That's the 2 words that came to my mind when I saw those pictures by James Mahon (just featured below).Totally fits the zeitgeist.
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