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     models: Elaine Kenny & Rebecca in Jalouse     Mirka Michlikova, Courtney Smerski & Claudia Seiler in Wonderland       Kinga Luk & Anais Pontier in Biba  Toni Garrn in Allure    George in Wonderland      Katie Braatvedt in - unreleased yet - Vogue Australia feb'08 May these pictures fit for wonderful holidays to end 2007 and may they be an inspiration for 2008. Last press news of the year include Daria... [Lire la suite]


courtesy of New York Model Management We've fallen in love with Camille at first sight, when she was featured a few weeks ago on a New York Models brochure featuring their most promising girls. At that moment it seemed to us she was the centre of the universe and now it's such a huge excitement to see more and more people getting obsessed as well. Including some high profile photographers like Thierry LeGoues and David Sherry. Only three castings to date and already many wonderful things to expect like a French Revue de Modes cover... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

I was thinking last time I did a press review that it would be the last of this year. Well, I wasn't expecting some new mags to come out over and over again but that's the way it goes and we never know what's going to happen tomorrow.Things are going well for Erin Heatherton in Italy, after her Vogue beauty editorial she strikes back on the cover of Velvet and, I don't know why, things should go on this way for her.   Toni Garrn in Italian Marie-Claire, courtesy of Joy Models Other news from Italia include the newest... [Lire la suite]

Yesterday was too early...

  If tomorrow is always too late, yesterday was sometimes too early. For a whole team of models, this was reality one or two years ago when they began their career. They just didn't hit the top as fast as many others but didn't fade away and their potential remains intact. And ready for now and tomorrow. They're girls like Danguole Stancikaite who  got attention from almost any wise and wild pair of worthy eyes in the fashion industry but still counts among the mysterious names. Maybe not for long, she recently shot a... [Lire la suite]
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Wunderkind f/w 07-08

Wunderkind f/w 07-08model: Ariane Markauby Inge Prader, styled by Armin Morbach
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Meet Nicoleta !

Following in Cristiana's footsteps, Nicoleta Moise is another fresh face from Romania (also signed with the agency MRA Models) who caught our eyes recently. Intensity in her eyes and a magical square jawline seems to be her trademark based on polaroids but what we've seen of her tests so far seems to tell there's even more than adequate features and an appealing face. Count some drama too and stay tuned for more pictures to come soon !
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  It looks like a never-ending story: Viktoriya Sasonkina's pictures. One by one or story after story, there's no place for any bad stuff, not even a single shot. Last example we have is these nine marvels by Mike Kobal (also see his story in Standard, pictures below). More than ever, it's the right moment to watch what's coming next in such an exciting beginning in New York. Time will tell, but in the fashion industry time is always running faster and faster. All you can do is to open your eyes and fasten your... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

      Eugenia Vidal by Detlef Schneider, styled by Tamara Rothstein My favorite Supreme girl is in the latest issue of Qvest (the issue with Irina Lazareanu on the cover and twice in editorials). I was ecstatic in the bookshop when I discovered Eugenia was inside, I had a big, big smile and was holding the magazine in my arms the same way I would have done with a treasure. Actually I had found a treasure, she’s a treasure, a rough diamond with her heartbreaking slight smile on her face contrasting... [Lire la suite]

Meet Regina !

  courtesy of First Model Management She rocks, she rules. She's the shock of the day, like a hurricane. Regina is Royal. Sure this sounds odd today as she's the fourth model to be featured but we strongly believe in Regina and already had her under the radar for a few times. Things are going fast and the flow of polaroids seems endless. The good ones shines bright. The best ones outshine the others. Count Regina in the last category. Signed with First Model Management in London and Major Paris, we see the opportunities for... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Cristiana !

  polaroids and tests, courtesy of MRA Models Dream on ! Here's a new and stunning brunette from Romania, signed with MRA Models. It's been a long time we hadn't seen such a graceful attitude on polaroids, Cristiana Mitrea is posing like a ballet dancer. Add to this, her expression, full of life, something between cute and severe, something we like a lot and that should open her the way to editorials. It's a matter of time and everybody knows how fast time is running in the fashion industry. Watch for more of her,... [Lire la suite]
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