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The Arrival of a Muse....

camille camille2
Camille by Matt Sundin

We've been captivated by Camille (New York Model Management) since day one. And our passion for her has been growing, growing and now we're just unusually excited (we always are, at this time of the year, but never been that much !) for her first steps on the catwalk expected in New York fashion week in february. To have a small idea of how it's like to see Camille in motion, check out her video by Matt Sundin, one of the most promising photographer you could find right now (also be sure to discover his portfolio, full of marvelous pictures of some thrilling new faces), soon to be published in high-profile magazines. Delicate, enchanting... so Camille.

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  • That video breaks my heart. Could she be anymore amazing!?!

    Posté par saracita, 10-01-08 à 06:52 PM
  • ^well, it broke mine too. She's the one, couldn't think anything else when I saw the video for the first time this morning. Beauty in motion, poetry for real... did I already wrote somewhere how speechless she leaves me ?

    Posté par Pénélope, 10-01-08 à 10:37 PM

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