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Endearing Eniko, Majestic Mihalik


Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn NY, Elite Paris

The world is ready for Eniko. And she's ready to make her mark now. It's an enormous and exciting moment for us as Eniko, from Hungary, is among our favorite since her beginnings. She was actually a part of the first ten models to reach our MNP Models database. She's pure sweetness and already walked for Chanel, call this season a new chapter in her career. We've heard she looks like Daria Werbowy. That's maybe a bit true, that's probably highly flattering but to be honest, Eniko is just Eniko and if you have the chance to meet her we bet that any reference becomes useless in front of her gorgeous smile and charming personality. And no need to see her walk is just awesome. Majestic. We're more than glad to see more and more people are discovering her and to see a model we've always believed in having her chance to blossom up on a higher level.

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  • "Mlle Eniko M" est Franchement SUBLIME, comme touchée par la Grace !!! OUI, d'une évanescente et Majestueuse Délicatesse . . .


    Posté par Antoine, 01-02-08 à 09:39 PM
  • I was so in love with her pictures, but seeing her at Katy Rodriguez (if I'm not wrong) was quite a disappointement for me. I hope she'll do more shows soon so that we could see more of her. Such a brilliant new face

    Posté par Amelia, 02-02-08 à 05:09 PM

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