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Agencies of the Week #05, 06, 07, 08

Things have been crazy for us these last weeks and we hadn't one minute left to feature the agencies with love. But now, just before leaving for Paris, we'd like to introduce or, if not, take a closer look at four of them. No less. From the ones that had some success in fashion weeks to the hottest source for the hottest new faces. From the big expectations to those that are currently strenghtening their board to the max. The four ones not to over look now. And tomorrow. First one is First Model Management. We've already featured a... [Lire la suite]
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London's new Sweetheart ?

Jenny Chalmers @ Independent She was the most striking unknown face among Idependent f/w 08-09 show package and the only who was totally unknown. Our first question was like "where did they find her?" or simply "who's that little cutie?". We still don't know where she was actually found but we know where she went. From her stunning showcard to her appearance on the runway during London fashion week things didn't last very long. She closed Eley Kishimoto, one of our favorite show there. And, you know, what's... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

  Let's have a quick but intense press review. Many good news from the bookstores. Still don't know the exact contents of L'Officiel Paris and Amica Italia but the excitement is already raising higher and higher as their latest isssues were rarely disappointed. Looking for some new faces making their first steps among the wonderful world of editorials.Numéro and Mixte are released. Numéro can rely on models like Shannan Click, Meghan Collison, Siri Tollerod and especially Elena Sudakova - we'd like to see her even more often -... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Elvira !

Elvira Khisaeva @ Major Paris Need some major girl at Major ? Here is Elvira. Cute and expressive, this discovery of President Models (Russia) is ready to go far. At least, that's our point. Bonus ? She walked for Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the show to watch if you want to see some new promising faces during Couture fashion week in Paris. Who's that mysterious Elvira on the list ? Who's that stunner walking in front of us ? These were our questions while attending the show. Didn't take too long to get the answer and we're now fully... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Masha !

Masha Kirsanova @ Viva Paris Meet the next ones ! Beginnig with Masha Kirsanova, scouted by Avant Models (Moscow) and freshly arrived at Viva Paris. We love her attitude in front of a camera. Much drama in the way she poses, something deep and serious in her expression. Just right to balance a very fresh look. We love the promising test shots from Paris but those cute polaroids with that light-grey dress are a real inspiration. Hope to see her walking. Next week will tell !
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Meet Nicole !

Nicole Kniazeva @ Women Paris We discovered Nicole this summer, she wasn't signed with any big agencies and we've just learnt she's now... at Women Paris. Wonderful news ! She truly deserves a place in the spotlight right now, she's even improved her impressive skills we've detected in her very first tests in August last year. Sweetness of the eyes, mesmerizing expression and a very strong mix of features are no strangers to the fact she has a place among our current obsessions before leaving for Paris tomorrow morning. Delicate... [Lire la suite]
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Spotlights vs. Delights

 Prada f/w 08-09 The most awaited casting, of Milan at least, is not a secret any longer. Prada f/w 08-09 took place yesterday and in the evening everybody was already talking about who was there and who wasn't. And who should have been there as well as who shouldn't. The "who?" has been quickly replaced by the "why?". So, in the "who?" we have to mention names like Eden Clark, Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Stojilkovic and, of course, Natalia Chabanenko. In the "why?" let's say the first names... [Lire la suite]

Meet Liu Wen !

Liu Wen @ d'management It's always a very promising sign to see someone walking for Burberry Prorsum during her first fashion week in Milan, remember last season it was no less than Eden Clark (aslo with d'managment, by the way) who did Prada and Marni this time. Add to that some appearances at Pollini and C'N'C, an editorial in Vogue China by Greg Kadel (this photographer definitely has taste, besides Liu Wen you can also count Valeriya Melnik or Erin Heatherton) and you've got one of the most interesting (and intriguing) profile... [Lire la suite]
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  Alison Nix @ Women Paris There are feelings that will last forever. Faces that will give us the kick whatever happens. Tonight is the night, it's dark, cold and so spooky outside, we're tired like never before but we feel like the good vampires that found fresh new blood... The difference is in the interpretation of fresh. Let's say some faces are fresh forever, if you don't mind. Nataliya Piro did Erdem f/w 08-09 today, between newbies like Viktoriya Sasonkina and youngsters like Lera Sheremeta. And Alison Nix has a brand... [Lire la suite]
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Rena Donaldson @ New York Models She looked adorable at Rad Hourani and we all want to hug her everytime we see her polaroids. Rena has won her title of the cutest little thing at the end of NY fashion, doing just one show, the most exclusive one then went back home. This being said, she's more that just the cute one. She's more than a pretty picture. She's more. She's magical. Here are her first tests, by another specialist of sweet magic: Glynis Selina Arban. Rena looks so serious on those. She doesn't loose anything from her... [Lire la suite]
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