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We love Poland as the source of many inspiring new faces with among them probably the next Malgosia, Anja, Anna, Magdalena, Marcelina, Kasia... the list of polish models that have already earned their place in the spotlight is already quite long. And always ready to be longer. Think of Kinga Luk in particular, and lots of other promising young ones in general. There wouldn't be enough place to name them all here !
Our focus is now moving on to one of the photographers behind the fantastic image we have from polish models. Lukasz Zietek is doing test shots for agencies like Mango Models or Model+ and his work includes some series with a couple of personal favorites like Charlotte Tomaszewska or Marta Garska. His touch is simply perfect, capturing the right pose, the right mood. The best way to introduce new models, the best pictures to add in a portfolio. We've been told he is a genius, we think he definitely is. As it's purely genius to catch a model's strength and specific attitude.

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