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Meet Renee !

Renee @ Place Models (Germany) With her eyes that seem to look at you from the other side of these polaroids, Renee is probably impossible to overlook. And she just embodies the kind of beauty we like. Now. And maybe we've always loved and will forever. Incredible features, unmatched cuteness and a pretty fancy way to explore her own wilde side. That might be the exact description if it's not easier to say she's got the most pretty and intriguing face mixed to a stunning attitude that leaves absolutely no doubts when it comes to... [Lire la suite]
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Strike a pause and see how she poses

Sigita Nedvecka @ 2morrow Models (Milan) We said that Mixte brought back the magazine magic last week with a couple of dazzling editorials which includes one with the striking Sigita. Starting her career among the impressive board at 2morrow Models, she recently reached another step signing with Ford NY and FM Agency in London. Mixte has often been one of our favorite magazine as it was well known to launch a few new faces or models on the rise. Remember Serafima Vakulenko, Eva Helene Skarvig or Simona McIntyre were all gracing... [Lire la suite]
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Agency of the Week #12

Nadezhda & Luba With two of their new faces recently featured here, LMA Models' place among our weekly agencies report was almost guaranteed. Adding some new and fresh models regularly, LMA Models (in Russia) has also built a specific image, developed their own aesthetic relying on the models' own "different" beauty or on the sober styling. We consider the latter as much important for a mother agency. Clean yet not clinic pictures, a strong emphasis on the girl's features are probably the best way to introduce and... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

Let's bring back the magazine magic. Could be the title of this review. Something magical among the latest issues of many magazines. We've been less thrilled by many of them recently and it's so good to see them back on tracks in a nice way. Mixte, Muteen, various Vogue editions or some new, intriguing publications. Mixte is probably the most exciting one this month. The cover is delightful, Rachel Clark fits perfectly the atmosphere. Like the role was written for her. The contents are simply following this promising overview in... [Lire la suite]
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(Timeless and beyond)

Camille @ New York Models We've probably see hundreds of digitals, snaps, polaroids these days. If it's not even more. Thousands. Many good ones, a few thrilling sets. The last ones today (tonight) were the best ones. Maybe the best ever. The others were thrilling, Camille's brand new digital sheet is simply higher than thrilling. Let's talk about new emotion, something we've never felt before. Fresh ? Of course it is. Freshest ? Almost sure. Major ? Words are not enough. Can't get enough of Camille. These six marvels would have made... [Lire la suite]
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The End has no End

Arina Demina @ Joy Models (Milan) We've been following our dear Arina since her very, very first steps in Russia under iCasting's wing. And now we're so pleased to see her signed in Milan, just ready to reach the next level with her new snaps and brand new tests. We've made a little medley with them, thinking it could be the best way to introduce this new turn in the leggy young girl's career. One of the strongest additions to Joy's line-up recently (and their board doesn't lack of impressive new faces), one of the most... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Nadezhda !

Nadezhda Ruf @ LMA Models (Russia) Striking, strong but refined features were the main reason behind our choice to feature Nadezhda right now. Her fresh tests are showing an important awareness of the camera and a specific sense of the drama. The kind of things that are actually able to seduce us on a restricted basis of four or five pictures. The kind of things we find more often than ever at LMA Models. And the best is probably that they know how to make it look obvious...
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Shooting tomorrow then flying back

Sam Rayner @ New York Model Management Could it be any fresher ? These pictures are just out for less than an hour. Things have started. Now. Pictured like never before, by Laura Villa and Manuele Geromini, Sam is just releasing another side of her fantastic modeling skills. Or we should say talent. Something you have or not, something natural. Something sweet, soft and clean within the wild side.
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Meet Karina !

Karina Petrosian @ Major (Paris) Fashion is about blurrying the lines and filling the gap in the same time. Who would have though the limit between Masha Tyelna's cute quirkiness and Georgina Stojiljkovic's quirky sensuality was so tight ? Karina Petrosian is playing with this limit and even making her marks beyond. In front of Maxim Repin's camera or on Major Paris polaroids, she's setting some new standards where nobody expected to see them so soon.
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The f/w 08-09 REDHEAD ISSUE: Hair in the Clouds

Tanya Chubko @ One Model Management (NY), Nathalie (Paris) There is something new (in a very gorgeous way) with her hair yet it stays red hot. Couldn't be different, anyway. Tanya Chubko will always be Tanya Chubko was it with strawberry-blond long hair, copper bob or her latest (and most original) hairdo. There is the hype of the hair and the vibe forever. We love it now messy or pulled back. We love the possibilities, the new ones, the unexplored sides of an unbelievable model.
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