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Siri Tollerod @ Joy Models (Milan)

If you have the opportunity to meet Siri or, at least, to see how she walks and move, you'll probably understand the true reasons of her success. Not just a blond, cute girl with a tiny silhouette. Not just a model that makes the clothes look good on the catwalk. There is something very delicate yet almost odd in the way she moves, walks and... poses. That' what Venetia Scott brilliantly captured for her story in Vogue UK. The theme and the colors are probably nothing new yet for this magazine it's rather unusual, especially with Siri's unique look mixing coolness and innocence which are totally unexpected in this kind of desert atmosphere. It seems a great (and irrelevently relevent) model can be the most important addition to an editorial which is playfully re-visiting myths and clichés. No doubt Siri's poses and attitude in front of the camera helped a lot to picture a character who obviously isn't the first one you'd expect to see there. Even if Jessica Stam or Lara Stone (for examples) are both very capable and have done excellent works as models, they probably wouldn't have brought the same uncanny (almost subversive) vibe as Siri did. We often talk about the importance of the good model for an editorial and even more often about the necessity of good editorials (or at least test shots) to build a strong portfolio for a young model. With a whole dozen of high profile fashion stories already under her belt, Siri didn't really need to strenghten her portfolio even if it doesn't hurts. But an editorial of that quality wouldn't look the same without her. 

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