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Tessa Williams @ Next (NY)

Some models are "editorial" or "high fashion". Some models are simply "couture". Count Tessa among the last ones. We've already been totally smitten by the first pictures we've seen but now we can say how much we're in love with this young genius. A unique attitude: laid back, free-and-easy and in the same time so dramatic. Doesn't she look dangerously beautiful on these five new pictures ? More to come. Limitless love !

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  • I'm so glad I mentioned her to you, because low and behold you already have digitals of her. The shape of Tessa's face is just outstanding! Thanks for featuring her! <3

    Oh and happy birthday again Penelope!

    Posté par Michael, 09-04-08 à 10:40 PM
  • Yes I'm so glad !! Thanks for all your wishes<3
    And it's not the end, my love for Tessa is just beginning, trust me !!

    Posté par Pénélope, 09-04-08 à 10:58 PM
  • That's

    That is Tessa Violet not Tessa Williams.

    Posté par No one, 21-11-12 à 07:13 AM

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