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Megan McNierney @ Marilyn (NY)

We love our latest issue of Double. And we love it for this marvelous editorial featuring Megan McNierney. Actually we love Megan. Love the sweetness, the shyness. The freckles. She's not eye-catching, she's not the one who will immediately stand out. She stands out by her editorial work, her personal way to play with this soft beauty that sometimes makes other models look too plain. This soft beauty without even being a tad impish neither looking like a porcelain doll. A bit child-like maybe, in the same vibe than the Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story. But Megan is far from the ivory tower, far from the bright white light and the little tiara. And Megan doesn't need a new name. She's making her mark. In Double, in L'Officiel Paris. In our minds and hearts. She's not Sasha, she's not Masha. She's not raw, she's not sophisticate. In the end, she's truly one of a kind. Her own kind. Must be the same with many models but we can't get rid of the feeling that Megan is in a class by herself, especially in high fashion. Not to say she's on the border between "editorial" and "commercial". No, she doesn't even fit this kind of description. Without trying to make some cheap poetry, she's like a refreshing breeze or a ray of light, something easy to feel and hard to describe. Or she's like the sun, in wintertime: she is hard to find. Maybe the best way to talk about her.
Richard Kern, who shot this story (as well as a couple of good others for magazines we like, with models we like...Martina Correa and Amber Milam to name a few) totally knew how to put the emphasis on Megan's specific charm. She might look like a tiny fairy, nobody betwiches us like she does. Or maybe we owe the marvelous idea to cast her for this editorial to Douglas Perrett
(also check his newest crush, Chantel @ Fusion) ?

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