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Bara, barefoot
Bara Holotova @ Models Only (Czech Republic), IMG (Paris), IMG (Milan), Union Models (London)

We love her raw on her polas, we love her with raw styling too. Bara is just the perfect girl to model this editorial. And there's no better way to picture her than with these lonely trousers and impersonal sunglasses. With that deliciously scruffy hair and the impression the glasses were just made for her jawline like the hole is made to match some denim's perfection (and bring it beyond). Denatured perfection goes beyond perfection and only leaves rough beauty.
Shot by
Massimo Pamparana, from the latest "Casting" in Amica (also check his brilliant series with Siri Tollerod, Olga Akhunova, Paulina Kubac, Maria Babikova... and many other favorites).

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  • Great styling!

    juliet xxx

    Posté par juliet, 22-04-08 à 11:47 PM
  • hot

    Posté par miryam, 26-04-08 à 03:34 PM

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