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QVEST be good to us


Living near the border, Germany has always been a wonderful and endless source for thrilling magazines and we've already featured many of them. Among our favorites, QVEST was one that never disappointed us and one of the only we have almost every issue since we've heard of it for the first time. We're in love with their castings  and the incredible styling of their fashion stories. So, when we've been asked by QVEST to make an printed article on Fashion Does It Better in the next issue, our hearts started to beat faster.


L'image “” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.
L'image “” ne peut être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.

It was a real honor and a pleasure, a fantastic experience for us and an exciting adventure as it was exactly at the same time we went in Paris for the shows. After sending them some backstage pictures in real time and after receiving that mail saying "you'll be in the next issue" we've been waiting eagerly for the mag to be released. And the bookstores in the little town at the border were slower than ever. Playing with our hearts and nerves. We had to wait and travel deeper in Germany to get it and, finally, we had it in our hands. Smelling the paper and trying to believe our four eyes.
Stay tuned for our review of the editorial from this issue.

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    congratulations. I read that one on the train last week! I was happy/sad to read that you partly live in straßbourg. I used to live pretty close to straßburg (on the german side) and was there quite often - well actually to buy french magazines Now I live in Berlin, which is pretty nice, but otherwise we could have met. It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers...

    Posté par mahret, 14-05-08 à 12:06 PM
  • thank you so much !
    I see what you mean about the happy/sad part
    Hopefully, we have planned to come to Berlin in June So why not meet each other then ?
    would be nice indeed


    Posté par m, 15-05-08 à 12:33 PM
  • Thats awesome! Congratulations Maud and Penelope! I don't know any German, but I'm sure the article is great

    Posté par Julianne, 16-05-08 à 02:49 AM
  • WOW! I'm so happy for you, girls! :buzz: I'd have asked my friend to buy me that issue if I had known you'd be there! Aww, such a pity it's too late! Congratulations! You totally deserved it! And isn't it just great to read about yourself in a mag?

    I need to start jumping or something, I'm so happy!!!!! ^_____^

    Posté par Amelia, 18-05-08 à 12:23 AM
  • thanks guys

    your comment goes right in our heart <3<3
    yes it's great to have ourselves in a mag, it's funny
    now the seller in our bookshop has to see it too
    so that she sees we are serious about it and don't stay for hours in her shop to annoy her !
    we're going to translate it in English soon


    Posté par m&p, 18-05-08 à 11:24 PM
  • Well of course. Let's meet in Berlin!!! Just sent you an email - hope it went through...

    Posté par mahret, 22-05-08 à 02:58 AM

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