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Anabela @ AL Models, IMG

It's time to say she's more than a teenie-queenie now. Her editorial power has grown slowly yet the best way possible, adding each time a serious extra to her book. From the desinterested look in Vogue Nippon to the snobbish vibe of her looks in Harper's Bazaar, she's been playing with all the different sides of her potential (and what to think about her own V#53 performance ?). While some models can stick brilliantly to a definite role, some others are just excellent when it comes to show their chameleon abilities. The best thing with Anabela is that she looks more like the first kind and definitely belongs to the second. Last example is obviously the doll but not dull story in current Vogue Italia (featured aboved, shot by Solve Sundsbo). Sure there is another intellectual beauty who knows how to pose and who seems to like it a lot.

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