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The A-List

Alla @ New Madison (Paris)

Anamarija @ New Madison (Paris)

Anne-Lisa @ New Madison (Paris)

We should think about doing some agency's ABC to introduce their new faces from A to Z. Might be an idea, might turn into a future project and a recurring feature here. How and when exactly, that is the question. Need to think about it very seriously, though as many agencies are getting their new faces line-up ready now and an overall introduction of the complete package (or of an extended hand-picked selection of new girls) could be welcome. Let's keep it as a concept for now and take a closer look at the first three faces (in alphabetical order) we've selected from New Madison's recent girls. We've already featured the breathtaking Ruta Rimkunaite in a few previous posts. She's not only their greatest one but seems also to be the symbol and the epitome of their current wave. The one but not the only. Just have a look at Alla, Anamarija, Anne-Lisa plus are a lot more still waiting to be featured these days. And if we couldn't resist to call these three "A"s (three aces) our A-List, the next ones are from being a B-List.

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    Yes, very good idea with introducing agencies' new faces in that way! Golden girls in here, especially Anne-Lisa & Alla! I think that if a model looks good in her very first pictures, she can only do better in the future. So.. good luck!

    Posté par Amelia, 30-05-08 à 07:46 PM

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