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Oxana vs. doxa

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Oxana Bondarenko @ Major (Paris)

We were talking about Couture in our previous post and we might introduce this new one with it as well. It's during latest Couture fashion week in january that, after seeing her walking and meeting her in backstage, we've got fully aware of Oxana's potential. Here are some of her latest tests, recently shot in London. Her obvious strengths are all in the intense, slightly melancholic eyes, the dark and thick eye-brows, the remarkable nose and a wonderful face shape. Usually, ingredients that make us notice (then love) many models. But Oxana is Oxana and this is also obvious. One of our favorite surprises with models are they way they often have the same kind of strong features, sometimes the same kind of beauty and in the end they're all unique, hard to compare them each others. Hard to say they're a the same even with the same vibe, the same mood and when it comes to editorials, the same styling. It's all about being the same yet very different. It's all about paradoxes.

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