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Oxana vs. doxa

Oxana Bondarenko @ Major (Paris) We were talking about Couture in our previous post and we might introduce this new one with it as well. It's during latest Couture fashion week in january that, after seeing her walking and meeting her in backstage, we've got fully aware of Oxana's potential. Here are some of her latest tests, recently shot in London. Her obvious strengths are all in the intense, slightly melancholic eyes, the dark and thick eye-brows, the remarkable nose and a wonderful face shape. Usually, ingredients that... [Lire la suite]
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Beauty out of the beaten tracks

Olena Kryvoruchko @ Studio KLRP (Paris) New tests from the most mysterious Lanvin-girl of the season and new opportunities to consider her elegant look. We can stop thinking it was a brilliant idea to cast both Olena and Astri for the show, bring some fresh faces and unexpected names. Spice it up and make it relevant just by booking too models you can only find out of the beaten tracks. Finding the good ones often need to look further than the powerhouses' show packages of the moment and many agencies (in NY, London, Paris or... [Lire la suite]
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The A-List

Alla @ New Madison (Paris) Anamarija @ New Madison (Paris) Anne-Lisa @ New Madison (Paris) We should think about doing some agency's ABC to introduce their new faces from A to Z. Might be an idea, might turn into a future project and a recurring feature here. How and when exactly, that is the question. Need to think about it very seriously, though as many agencies are getting their new faces line-up ready now and an overall introduction of the complete package (or of an extended hand-picked selection of new girls) could be... [Lire la suite]
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After the stormy rain

Francesca @ First Model Management (London) Initially planned for yesterday evening and only released now due bad wheather last night (no more light, no more computer, no more updates unfortunately), here are finally Francesca's first tests. And our first ray of light this morning. Sorry if it took longer than expected but she's here for good now.
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Boutique beauties

First time we heard of Fusion was just before s/s 08 fashion week. Seeing a couple of showcards, shot by David Roemer. Immediately thought their is a strong will to build a personal image, to follow specific vision and aesthetic. We couldn't not notice and fall in love with the agency and then kept a close look on its evolution. Till now and these three fantastic newbies and their fresh polaroid sheets. Again, we're fond of the design. Even if we don't like to know everything of a model's life, we love these little things like... [Lire la suite]
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Look at Lina

Lina Mihailova @ Major (Paris) You might have noticed her on some ads in magazines or in editorials, one she's sharing with Viktoriya Sasonkina and another one in Amica. Yes, in the Casting pages, in black and white. The last ed of the mag. We always love Amica girls. The aesthetic and the atmosphere. Targeting right. No wonder we've been crazy when we saw these fresh new polaroids. From last week. Lina is just the one you musn't overlook.
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Meet Selina !

Selina @ One (NY) Just arrived in NY and coming from Martinique, Selina is already among the ones that capture everyones attention there and makes our hearts beat faster. We love the cuteness, of course, especially mixed with this very serious look on the polaroids. We love the freshness, the delicacy and elegance. We love her, we just love her and are waiting eagerly for her first tests.
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Open your eyes

Balakina by Eugene Klement Balakina by Sasha Korostelyeva Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) Finally you can open your eyes again. Balakina is back, with a complete book this time. Totally living up to the expectations we had seeing her polaroids last week. Just fresh, just shot last weekend, Balakina was certainly lucky to experiment two different styles and to extend the panel of her possibilities so quickly, relying on both her incredible face and features and her ability to move in front of the camera. From Eugene... [Lire la suite]
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Leah from every angle

Leah Vucovics @ Place Models (Germany) Listed and featured among the ten very promising girls from german agencies in Amica, also including models like Franziska Drude, Leah is probably one of the most remarkable faces of that team and the perfectly unique one, walking in the footsteps of the very exclusive Iris who shares the same agency, Place. If you check their current models list, you'll find their own finds like Irene or Renee (also personal favorites) side by side with some world-famous catwalk stunners and editorial... [Lire la suite]
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Not lost in translation

  Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) A title for this post ? What about "this is really, really, really Viktoriya ? Or maybe one or two more "really" ? Don't have enough place to write how this is really (x how many times you want) her. Talk about personality, about ability to bring it to pictures. Talk about translating the way she is into polas, tests, editorials. We've seen it in Deutsch, in Numéro Tokyo, in Dazed. There is only one Viktoriya Sasonkina and she knows the best way to show it. Every single picture is just like a... [Lire la suite]
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