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Aesthetic statements we can’t keep for ourselves alone, sharing pictures and thoughts, photographs and names, numbers, new faces and nonsenses.


In the mood for a future

agnese_zalite___natalie az6
Agnese @ Natalie (Latvia)

dina1 dina2
Dina @ AL Models (Russia)

sissel_01__large sissel_06__large
Sissel @ Unique (Denmark)

vaiva___dmax v4
Vaiva @ D-Max (Lithuania)

tiril___team tiril4
Tiril @ Team (Norway)

They are not for now, maybe not even for tomorrow. Let's say for the moment they are for the day after tomorrow. The season after next seasons and beyond. They are our hopes, our dreams, our visions. Some aesthetic moods and inspirations for the future. Near future or much further, whatever. Just in the mood for a future.

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