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A real disco-baby

Dariana_T_158 Dariana_T_154

Dariana__135_ Dariana__141_
Dariana__142_ Dariana__152_
Dariana @ MRA Models (Romania)

Fly away with Dariana this evening, atypical Romanian beauty from Iasi (where she's been discovered by a scout in a discotheque, clubbing around) and the epitome of an Amica-girl. Signed with Metropolitan in Paris and starting an international career for real now. We love the endless freshness of her shy smile on the polas, the expressions on her tests. After booking some reliable local jobs, we're now waiting for the next steps of our latest 5'10 darling, moving up and forward.

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  • Hats Off to You!

    I love that newsboy cap picture at the top right. I have added you to my blogroll, btw!

    Posté par Couture Carrie, 19-06-08 à 08:15 PM
  • thank you !!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment !
    I've added you back nice blog !!


    Posté par m, 16-07-08 à 03:44 PM

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