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Eyes closed ? Thumbs up anyway

Vasya @ Avant (Russia) We've already said it before. It's not often that you can take all the pictures of a new model and post them eyes-closed. Eyes-closed ? Not exactly, after all, as we have to stick to a certain number to make the article look good... Well there are only two missing this time and it's just a matter of paging ! Otherwise you would have the complete set of Vasya's tests here and now. Well, maybe later, bonuses are bonuses and are always great. It's probably our last post of the month and you can imagine... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Zina !

Zina @ Avant (Russia) She's Avant's newest find and we love her first tests. We had an opportunity to glimpse at her very first pictures abd were already impressed, just waiting for some tests to come out to make a proper article on Zina. Refinement from head to toe without looking "aristocratic", refinement from ears to chin. As her face was carefully drawn, all in details like a timeless piece of art. Well, we won't raise the debate between contemporary art and all-time classics yet if we wanted to we'd simply... [Lire la suite]
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Oiseau rare

Julia Goncharenko @ Elite (NY) In one hour and fourteen minutes exactly we'll turn from july to august here. Turn a page and look forward. One hour and a half to countown. Well to the first countdown. August. Days are getting shorter and that means time is maybe going faster too. Actually, time is going a little faster in august as NY fashion week begins early september and agencies are doing their best right now to have their new faces ready. With wonderful tests and wonderful polaroids - or digitals. We've already written a... [Lire la suite]
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A very busy Butterfly

Yvonne Eriksen @ City (Paris) As soon as we published our article on Yvonne at the end of last week we noticed we forgot to mention she's also in Stiletto. Well, it's not that bad as it's just another reason to make a brand new feature on her again. She's playing "Miss Butterfly" this time in front of Brigitte Niedermair's camera. If you're a bit surprised to see only two of the four pictures actually showing her pretty face, don't worry. First, this is mostly a jewellery editorial then... didn't we say she's also... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Lea

Lea @ Stage Models (Tokyo) We featured her on MNP in april and were watching her since. Seems the girl scouted by Marilyn in Slovakia is going to have some summer trip in Japan as she's on the "coming soon" section at Stage. Anyway there are already enough new pictures to write a few more on her as she seems to develop quite well, finding her own way to pose in front of the camera with a mix of distance, poise and innocence. As she seems even more playful on her polaroids, we thought she was the great one to be the... [Lire la suite]
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Bain de Minuit

Yulia Chumak @ Major (Paris, Milan) Spotted by our devoted backstage-photographer in current Stiletto. Yulia Chumak, one of Major's Amica girls is now experiencing the typically dark yet very colorful atmosphere of this magazine and shows again that besides interesting face and features, she's also full of versatility and is totally able to adapt to or embody various mood. Going from Amica's Casting series in black and white to some nude colors tests with the latest step being the editorial by Jean François Lepage featured... [Lire la suite]
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Shining, anytime. Even at 10.30pm

Edythe Hughes @ Elite (NY), Marilyn (Paris) There is always much (too much ?) discussion around models jumping in US Vogue. We're far from it here as these shots are from current Dealer de Luxe and we certainly don't mind a jumping Edythe by Daniele Fona (who also did some marvelous job with Simona McIntyre for the previous issue of the same mag). Is it for the actual jumping thing or for Edythe ? For Edythe, first. She's not only one of the most exclusive Calvin Klein girls of the past recent seasons, she's got also some... [Lire la suite]
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Better get Getter...

Getter Ratsep @ MJ Models (Estonia) A child-like empress from Estonia with a ballerina look should be in Tokyo soon to fill an already strong book with some new pictures (with Donna Models). She's just beginning but we're already thrilled by her delicate features and very impressive versatility (based on a dozen of tests). Surprising newcomers are often legions yet unique, almost disturbing beauties like Getter are much harder to find. Some will immediately think she looks too young, some will think she's a little weird if not... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Luca Aimee !

Luca Aimee @ Place (Germany) We were always captivated by her delicated feature. Everytime we checked her portfolio at Place Models. But the real kick came on a vintage magazines-shopping afternoon in Berlin, don't even remember the actual name of the mag yet an editorial with Luca Aimee (the issue was really recent, it's been released only a tad earlier this year) quickly caught our eyes. And she's definitely an eye-catcher, the best eye-catcher to begin this new week. Now making her marks in London too, with FM Agency, we... [Lire la suite]
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Baltic beauties at Metropolitan Paris (suite)

  Ieva Aniulyte @ Metropolitan (Paris) Last time we wrote about girls from Baltic countries standing out at Metropolitan, our first model featured was no other than Ieva's sister Aida. They look alike ? Like sisters, of course and maybe more. But each one also has her very own strengths and could offer some different things in front of the camera. There's probably more of a late-80's vibe in Ieva, and she might share with Edita Vilkeviciute the incredibly strong jawline and this touch of sensuality to balance it. Ieva... [Lire la suite]
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