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She'll let us take her home
Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY)

This is a last minute change on our schedule. We initially planned to leave at 5.30pm and we checked our mail inbox a last time before switching off the computer. 5.28pm and checking. Saw only one unread mail, read the title "Viktoriya @..." then knew this might be big. Rushed to open it. Opened it. Saw the dozen of !!!!. Scrolled down and saw VOGUE. Viktoriya. The glance, the gloss, the glass. The most unique cover for us. Ever.

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  • I love this cover !
    Viktoriya looks great <3

    Posté par capt.charly, 27-08-08 à 07:09 PM
  • Hey ! Gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

    Posté par juliet, 27-08-08 à 09:13 PM

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