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Yuki makes the superstar
  Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY)

Not really, actually. More seriously, Steven Meisel is closer to the status of superstar-maker, if the concept of superstar or even star is still close to be relevent. Well, we can't totally deny the fact that gracing the cover of Vogue Italia is a major improvement in a girl's career. At least, an awesome upheaval most of times. Some ways are short, some girls seem to take the direct line to it. Some others are playing second roles in the shadows, waiting for some hypothetic spotlights. Backgrounds and B-list runways, editorials, campaigns. If the first ones give you the shock of the new, the latters' wildcard could be the shock of the unexpected. Not completely unexpected but still.
We won't explain the whole process - if only there is any. It's not even time to bring some old details back to life and not the moment, not at all, to make a revival of Viktoriya's career from A to Z. Just as we were focusing on this precious moment when we discovered she is this month's cover - she is the cover, not the cover-girl - it suddenly brought back to our mind what is our true passion. What's the most thrilling part of our involvement around models. A relentless quest for girls that have this little special thing that is so hard to describe. Or, more simply said, finding the special one.
Sometimes you wake up in the morning (or later) being sure this one or that one it the one. Sometimes you see the right picture able to unveil the real potential of a new face. Sometimes it has to be a trip in backstages. Backstage after backstage. Including the B-list ones with their B-list castings. Especially the B-list ones. A honest team of girls, carefully casted but who are mostly the best of those who were available at that time. A honest job. At first sight, it looks like a runway full of unknown faces and many people - when they even dare to take a look - might consider they are just random models they will never see again. It's true in many cases. That's why it's worth trying to find the ones who might have further opportunities. Even just a little. Even if they'll just do one more season and upgrade to a slightly higher level only. It's worth mostly because there's nothing more thrilling in Paris during fashion weeks. Who moves better than the other. Who's naturally glowing in front of the camera, even the cheapest regular digital camera. Who we are immediately falling for. The little movement, the unexpected pose, something in the eyes, a smile, whatever. Then and that's no wonder for anyone, it takes time and it takes the right persons to bring our Cinderellas to the A-list heights...
Back to the main topic, Viktoriya. After the huge excitement of the discovery - one of our favorites (ever) getting the cover of one of the most watched magazines shot by one of our favorite photographer - came the time for a quick analysis. First, one of the most striking cover of Vogue Italia for long. Direct to the point and relying on the model's presence, charisma and ability to embody the character she's playing. Then we had to re-consider the fact a magazine, a campaign, a casting director or a photographer are the superstar-makers. From another angle. If nothing can be done without them, nothing could be done without the models themselves. In every case there's something about the model that caught the eyes of the creatives. Something genius. Viktoriya's genius is to be Viktoriya. The only talent or skill you need then is to be able to keep your eyes open. Anytime and anywhere.

P.S.: Our first idea was an article about the Bette Davis mood of the editorial... we changed our mind for two reasons. First, we wouldn't have been able to talk about it in a better way than it's done on Women Blog. Then we thought Viktoriya's victory was a great opportunity to spread the following message: it's fashion week soon, open your eyes!

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