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TMSRRE part 1: Alana


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Alana Kuznetsova @ IMG (NY)

We told you we might start with NY reviews soon. We should have said we will. Here we go. With Alana, the first one who really capture our attention during the current fashion week. She didn't walk Marc Jacobs yesterday, she's not the new face of the season. Things actually started for her one year ago or so. When she booked an exclusive walk for Prada s/s 08. Was a huge "Prada crop" that season, with tons of exclusive new girls. Some expected and some less. Some that survived the hype, some with a more undecided future. Alana belongs to the first ones. Obviously. But not the way we could have expected. More subtle way, with all it takes of suspense and surprises. It was no real wonder she booked MiuMiu the same season, it was already more striking to book Prada the season after while many others from the previously exclusive newbies didn't show up again. One thing stood out at that moment: she was able to fit both collection. Perfectly. Both stylings, both atmospheres. It takes only one little word to describe what we see as the main reason: charisma. And natural elegance. We might love these words and use them as much as we can, we never throw them too easily. Alana's second season was quite brilliant, while she booked another Prada she also added Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, John Galliano (nobody worked out the make up like she did), Philosophy, Vera Wang and Proenza Schouler among others. And Salvatore Ferragamo. And Stella McCartney. The last two shows have played a major role in this story. Something that  could have been  unfortunate for some other models and be refered as  a runway mishap turned into a real performance, a  runway moment. Call it "nip-slip" or "boob peek-a-boo", and yes it was an embarassing spectacle,  it was also  the best example of Alana's poise and elegance. We thought one of the greatest model of her generation was born at that very moment. One week later she walked barefoot at Stella McCartney, holding her shoes in hand. Without looking annoyed nor sorry, without making too much fun of it. Just attitude and elegance. The same vibe came back with her editorials for Vogue Paris (march issue who was released during fashion weeks) and later V#53. It's not what she does, it's the way she does it.
Back to NY s/s 09. After closing Nicole Miller she managed once again to play on every possible side, from Rosa Cha's swimwear to Obedient Sons & Daughters' rather androgynious outfit then back to cocktail dresses again at Carolina Hererra yesterday. You can add Jason Wu plus some royal backstage shots (as always) and you get the feeling you're watching the rise of a muse. Moving and majestic.

*The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever


  • hypnotic

    i saw this one as well on, and as i said there she has hypnotic eyes and im sure that this one will also make it bigg.

    Posté par ryder, 09-09-08 à 01:26 PM

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