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TMSRRE part 6: Eniko


Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY)

It's not exactly subjective at first sight, picking Eniko as a favorite this season as we guess we won't be the only ones to add her on the list. She obviously belongs to the most watched and most successful girls so far due to a perfect week in NY and a clever timing for her editorial book (gracing the cover and an editorial in V55). Only a few other girls were able to follow this rythm, maybe only one other actually - Viktoriya Sasonkina (the most exclusive showlist and a Vogue Italia only-girl cover). If you want further names let's say Aline Weber, Anya (another Marilyn girl) and maybe Irina Kulikova or Lakshmi Menon had some booking lists you can really compare to Eniko's. At some slightly lower level, though. It clearly means there is no need to list them again, you can't have overlooked her this time. Even checking the shows from time to time you can't. There's always a major runway you will see her as she was everywhere she could have been. Let's turn to our personal reasons to feature her here and now. We started getting interested in Eniko a few seasons ago when we noticed her walking a high profile couture show two years ago. Was another era yet her potential was already there, she was the kind of model who will make it due to a unique look - timeless and original. Also an attitude, mixing all the best of confidence and consciousness. This being said, she wasn't exactly the obvious choice at that time and we had to keep our faith in her alive for a few more seasons until she came to NY and starting to get some serious attention from some of the most incredible eyes of the fashion industry. Since that moment, it's Eniko's moment. Peaking with this season's performance so far and her editorial by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, styled by Joe McKenna with a star-studded hair and make-up team (respectively Eugene Souleiman and Tom Pecheux) gracing the pages of the latest issue of V magazine. Including the cover which quickly became a priority on our shopping list this month. The suitable ending: it was such a wise decision to subscribe to V-mag's mailing list... getting your favorite models in your inbox is just royal. The Eniko show live and going on. And on. See the whole preview from V at its source.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Audrey Rogers. I am style editor for The Durham Sanctuary University Newpaper, I also am a contributor for and have my own blog: I just wanted to say, that I LOVE your blog, its content is truly inspirational and I love the way you present fashion to your blogger audience. Yours has, I must admit, become a must-read for me. Anyway, I was wondering, would you like to exchange links? Personally I would love to reccommend your blog to my readers and would really appreciate it if you did the same for me. So let me know, check me out on, for some delicious fashion ramblings and digressions!

    xxxx audrey leighton rogers

    Posté par audrey, 15-09-08 à 03:05 AM
  • eniko

    i wont be very creative in this one, but as i was saying to my best friend yesterday : eniko is by far my favourite model. i like that she looks like a girl from 60' or 70'.
    i especaily like that her face you can recongnize among many others who are very look a like.
    eniko is so gracefull and so talanetd in her poses and what she brings to teh pictures.
    obviously, her shapes and proportions are great too(as we see on the pictures that you had put).
    i really like that you decide to post and present her to your huge audience.
    love ya girls!!!

    Posté par ryder, 15-09-08 à 11:21 AM
  • wow, she's great!

    Posté par Sergei, 15-09-08 à 11:46 AM
  • Et Bien Moi parmi toutes les "fashion-sylphides" que vous présentez ici, je vote pour Miss Mihallliiiikkkkkkk !!!! La prestance d'une "Femme Fatale", la Grâce éthérée d'une "sylphide des temps modernes" . . .

    Posté par Antoine, 17-09-08 à 04:43 PM

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