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TMSRRE part 7: Anastasija


Anastasija Kondratjeva @ Vacatio (Latvia)

She's maybe the "real" Calvin Klein girl of the season (with Anya). She wasn't the exclusive but her appearance there tells a lot more as it takes to be seriously special to book CK as a new faces besides the exclusives. And that's just the way we would describe her. We already featured her before the shows when she was just signed with New York Models - we were simply impressed by her sleek yet highly captivating digitals. A few days later, the story was beginning. Erin Fetherston, always a good source for new faces. Always a good sign. Next step was called BCBG Max Azria, not really the place to spot newcomers. Usually. But Anastasija seems so unusual. And also booked Hervé Léger, also by Max Azria. Good sign, better sign. Then Marc Jacobs and no need to tell more. Well, heavy need to tell more actually as it was just a kind of prelude to what came next, Calvin Klein (and Rad Hourani, also known to be very picky). Is that enough now ? In NY for sure. Now London and then ? She's just signed with two top agencies in Paris and Milan. You'll know it soon... One thing at a time, fashion weeks are already going wild!


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