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Amazing Amazing Amazing

Myf Shepherd @ Next (NY), Next (Paris)

Cameron Krone recently worked with Myf and said he loves her. He also said he's not the only one and that it might be almost everybody. Irresistible ? Word is that you only get fully aware of her power when you see her in person. Hope to meet her next week. She's been relentlessly booked for amazing runways since she started the season and even before. Remember resort. With a show line-up including a ridiculous Marc Jacobs-Jil Sander-Prada-Gucci and also a striking week in London - wasn't she perfect at Luella? - Myf is definitely one of the most mysterious and highly suprising girls this season as we announced it a bit more than four months ago. We were wondering "what's next?" for her and now we kind of know it. Even if there is a "what's next?" to every "what's next?". More soon.

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    cameron is a great great wonderful photographer!!!
    i love and adore his work!

    Posté par ryder, 29-09-08 à 01:30 PM

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