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Forever cute, newly versatile

Ernesta Petkeviciute @ Major (Paris) Ernesta. Still brand new and she was already featured twice here. One for her little spread in Jalouse, one to introduce her with a couple of highly attractive (addictive?) test shots. Now let's take it a little higher and add to her book some news from Citizen K, out these days. A few more pictures to improve what we'd called a pretty portrait of a promising girl, a few more pictures to show some brilliant versatility. Exactly what we needed after falling for one of the cutest Lithuanian... [Lire la suite]
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Amazing Amazing Amazing

Myf Shepherd @ Next (NY), Next (Paris) Cameron Krone recently worked with Myf and said he loves her. He also said he's not the only one and that it might be almost everybody. Irresistible ? Word is that you only get fully aware of her power when you see her in person. Hope to meet her next week. She's been relentlessly booked for amazing runways since she started the season and even before. Remember resort. With a show line-up including a ridiculous Marc Jacobs-Jil Sander-Prada-Gucci and also a striking week in London -... [Lire la suite]
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Meet our TMSRRE number 13: Giedre

  Giedre Dukauskaite @ New York Models It's time to include Giedre to our TMSRRE series. Seems she moved ahead to the bright side since the whole beginning. Calling her the epitome of an editorial-girl, we shall also add she's getting now the runways she deserves. Read it in other words: catwalks that are editorial-looking. Prada, for sure. She was among our favorites yesterday (along with Nimue and Marloes, both featured below, Yulia Chumak featured this summer, Yulia Kharlapanova and Sophie Srej - bright features to come in... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Suzanne !

Suzanne @ Anka Models (The Netherlands) We've been watching a girl called Suzanne at Anka Models for a few months now. Might be from her beginning as she signed with the agency at that time. Strong yet sharp features, captivating eyes and freckles were a good intro and some serious assets to get easily noticed. Slightly over 5'10 and strawberry-blond-hair, she was an obvious choice for our Redhead Issues. Striking features might not be her only strenght, not even her main appeal. The most stunning is probably... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 12: Alexandra

Alexandra Tomlinson @ d'management (Milan) If you book her once, seems you'll book her forever. To book her is to love her. Designers or magazines that worked with Alexandra mostly worked with her again and it doesn't take too much time to put her into your list of favorites. Count Muse, Numéro, Flair and Interview among her editorial bookings this year as well as a current Flair cover, a bunch of Valentino pages in Vogue Italia and new editorial in Mixte. Currently doing shows in Milan, we hope to see her in Paris next week as... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Liis...!

Liis Varik @ Major (Paris) We were just talking about the unexpected sides of a cute young model being suddenly unveiled by a specific situation. It's also true when it comes to Liis Varik. We've discovered her a little while ago and noticed an Estonian doll with a fierce gaze, 5'9"5 and a silhouette that shows it clearly. Take a look at the more recent pictures, she's blossoming and extending the versatility to the max. Just compare the first two pics above to get what she's able to bring. Currently in Paris, we can't... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 11: Nimue

  Nimue Smit @ Women (Milan) There were many girls from Women at Prada but the greatest surprise was obviously Nimue. Not only a surprise per se, as a part of the casting. Also an impressive runway performance you might not expect first when you see her polaroids. Checking her tests could give you a better clue, a small preview of Nimue's potential. Still, they don't show how serious and almost mature she was going to look at Prada. We know now it was a good decision to wait for fall before writing a few lines on her. We... [Lire la suite]
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Prada number sixteen

  Marloes Horst @ Joy (Milan) We were just away from the screen and the scene for a few hours - time to get our suitcases ready for Paris - and the buzz slipped further from Jil Sander to Prada. Just back and our inbox told us Marloes got the outfit #16 of the show also counting girls like Ymre and Sigrid (just a few post below). We haven't seen the whole collection yet, don't know the whole casting (yet with Giedre within the s/s 09 package too you can expect a few more great surprises). And another great thing is that one... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Heleen !

Heleen @ Micha Models (The Netherlands) Say hello to Heleen and meet another amazing girl from Michal Models in Amsterdam. 5'10 and half fierce, half sweet, we're already in love with her strong yet subtle feature enabling her to look both unique and versatile. And freckles to make her even a tad cuter, please. Instead of stamping her as a "classic-with-a-twist" we thought she would totally fit to the following description: mixing old-school and new wave. Better be an anachronistic cutie than a timeless beauty today. ... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 10: Sigrid

  Sigrid Agren @ New York Models Once upon a time, we gave her the nickname of "Secret Sigrid" as there wasn't much available on her, no news and everything seemed so silent around. When, during our trip in Berlin in june, we turned on the computer and saw she did Prada resort show we understood a little more the reasons of the silence.Things have changed since the beginning of the summer. Fall strikes back and fashion weeks with it. A no-hole show line-up in NY helps a lot to start a good season and  Sigrid's list is... [Lire la suite]
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