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A few ones to remember, just in case

casting5 casting6
Thais Dos Santos @ Next (Paris) & Masha Tyelna @ Women (Paris)

Ragnhild Jevne @ IMG (Paris)

Anais Pouliot @ Karin (Paris)

Janine Henkes @ Iconic (Berlin)

Chantal Abbott @ Crystal (Paris)

Thais caught our eyes among the girls from Next package, Masha still belongs to our backstage darlings, Ragnhild was the delightful surprise after Manish Arora, Anais captured the attention at Talbot Runhof, no need to remember who's Janine now (just check a few posts below) and Chantal is the second red-haired sensation from Issey Miyake's excellent casting (as always). Dark horses all the way.

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