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TMSRRE part 16: Aline

Aline Weber @ One (NY)

She's having a flawless season on every front. Editorials and runways. Would be impossible to pick our favorite show pictures or decide which one was more important for her career. Let's say almost every single catwalk appearance was worth a few lines. From NY to Paris, including Milan and London with a special mention to her british bookings. How could we choose between the way she works out heavy make-up and her natural elegance with much lighter one ? Almost impossible again. Our favorite might be her look at Rad Hourani where her light hair and light brows suits perfectly the mood and the color of her outfits (totally black). Close to this impression was the all-blue outfit at Max Mara then back in black at Givenchy. But if you take a look at some heavier make-up or cocktail dresses from Milan, some lighter brighter orange outfit at Akris or the hats from Ungaro, it becomes harder to tell what's the best for her or if there is something that suits her better. Actually it might be her ability to fit so many different stylings and atmospheres that helped her to gather such an impressive list of shows. And of editorials too. Last ones are from two from the most coveted Vogue editions worldwide and again two very different styles. First (pictures above) is some atypical Greg Kadel shots in Vogue Italia and second is in Vogue Paris by Paola Kudacki (where she plays various roles again). Catch her if you can.

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