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Numéro girl Number two

Evelina Mambetova @ Supreme (NY)

If Darya was finally an obvious choice to open our feature on the new girls from Numéro, Evelina's name came immediately after. The first one was striking, the second is charming. Her eyes seem to be the most captivating part of Evelina until you discover her with eyes-closed.  Unmatched grace. Delicate and intriguing, from seismic gaze to serenity, Supreme's ballerina also knows the way to rock it hard. In her usual subtle softness...

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  • You say everything that I'm feeling! She really is so captivating, I gasped when I saw the first shot. It's odd but I can actually see a story forming out of these two pictures. A scared uncultured girl found in the woods transformed into the primmest of the prim! A stranger version of My Fair Lady Thank you for sharing girls!

    Posté par Julianne, 28-10-08 à 06:43 PM
  • What she does best...

    This is where Evelina shines: in front of the camera. She's studied the magazines, and yet brings a perfect balance of her haunting presence and beautiful allure to every picture.

    The first image left me speechless when I first saw it.

    Posté par Michael, 31-10-08 à 03:19 AM
  • thanks for feedback guys, love both of your strong descriptions
    thanks for sharing !

    Posté par m, 02-11-08 à 01:14 PM

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