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Numéro girl Number three
Myf Shepherd @ Next (NY), Next (Paris)

Innocent or iconic ? Ingénue or ironical ? Impossibly incredible, anyway. That's how we see Myf and how we've seen Myf after Miu Miu. Huge smile, teeth for days. Unforgettable moment. Was raining, very slightly, models were going out one by one like raindrops and the last model-street-style-photographers (the real-and-rash ones) were waiting around the door. Then came a raindrop called Myf and while some others had nothing to show than their most tired pout ever, Myf smiled with all her might (and all her teeth). A carnivore smile with a touch of innocence, as quick as the clicks and flashes. The instant-Myf turned into a Myf-moment. The gimmick turned out to be a natural and spontaneous face. It gives us the feeling Myf didn't pose for Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. They just knew how to capture her.

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