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Numéro girl Number seven

Ali Michael @ DNA (NY), Viva (Paris), Viva (London)

Ali's eye-brows went notorious in less time than you would need to think about it. Sure, they might be her most eye-catching feature and a part of what makes her often very expressive in her editorials. Her work with Paolo Roversi is a perfect example. Though, our favorite part of her book so far could be her collaborations with some of our beloved photographers like Vanina Sorrenti (for Numéro Tokyo) and especially KT Auleta (for both i-D and Vogue Russia). Ali went through very different atmospheres with them, from leather love to monkey-kissing. Basically, her career is made of extremes, from Teen Vogue to French. Including many others and another Sorrenti on the list, Mario this time. Latest thing we noticed, besides her two pages in current Numéro, is the only-lonely page in Vogue US (by David Vasiljevic) she's sharing with Zuzana Gregorova. Eye-brows squared. Zuzana with a shy smile and Ali giving her a dramatic, indescribably moving glance. Theatrical scene of porcelain skin in YSL. Enough to make us blush. Ali went from House of Holland to Balenciaga this season, showing again her ability to embody very different characters and could be stamped as a favorite of John Galliano. Not only of John Galliano. Thinking we've bought the wrong Lula cover...

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