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Numéro girl Number eight

Kori Richardson @ IMG (NY), IMG (Paris), IMG (London)

She's this girl moving step by step with each step being a royal one. Think of Another Magazine, Dazed & Confused and now Numéro as the editorial side of the story and the likes of Miu Miu, Lanvin or Chanel on her runway list. She's also the girl who's hard to describe. Hard to put words on her kind of beauty, hard to explain what makes her appeal very special, hard to say it's in her features themselves or the result of her attitude in front of the camera. Maybe a bit of everything, if you check back her early tests. She's this girl who looks forever new yet who's never looked like a new face even at her very beginnings. Again, not the easiest concept. When we saw her first we thought her face was "ringing a bell" then any of her appearances makes us think she looks fresh and a big part of her potential seems to remain unexplored. Each editorial is a surprise, each walk on the runway is a performance. She's the perfect Numéro girl to end the story (and make it endless). She embodies the muse who's got nothing to loose, the free bird on free-wheel.

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  • I love the 70s hair!

    juliet xxx

    Posté par juliet, 01-11-08 à 07:37 PM

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