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Sunniva Stordahl @ Joy (Milan), New York Models (NY)

We often call ourselves "mainly focused on new faces" and Sunniva is not exactly a new face. We also have a section on this page called "redhead love" and it would make more sense. There's another reason why this editorial is so special to us, it's not only because it's Vogue and italian Vogue, not only because she's Sunniva and she's great. Not even because she's one of the greatest redhead ever and not because we obviously love mermaids. Photographer is no less than... Tim Walker. Does it ring a bell ? Tim Walker + redhead beauty + Vogue ? Maybe, maybe not. It actually reminds us of the first times we went home carrying two bags (or more) filled with expensive magazines. Two of them were Vogues, an British and an Italian, both featuring a story with Lily Cole by Tim Walker. Besides Sunniva's oneiric story above, he also brings back the redhead magic to Vogue UK with Karen Elson and Sophie Drake. If we are dreaming, this dream is forever. If this is real, we want to be sleepless.

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