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Kristy loves to hunt

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Kristy Kaurova @ Major (Paris), MD Management (Hamburg)

Was snowing this morning when we went to Germany to buy the latest issue of Material Girl, a magazine we buy almost every issue. Almost eyes-closed. Always featuring interesting new faces, latest cover was Nyok and this issue's cover-girl is no other than Kristy Kaurova above. We remember her steps on couture catwalks in july and the tests in her portfolio were the exactly the kind that makes us beg for more. Here's more by Dirk Bader, styled by Nini Gollong,  overloaded with colors and details that perfectly fit Kristy's features. She looks so tiny when you see her face, she's actually 5'11. Striking. And the title says she loves to hunt. Good thing, we too. Makes us want to hunt for more of her and wait eagerly for her next piece of work. Last but not least, hair and make-up by Heiko Palach who's got the kind of blog we often visit. Hunting again.

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  • She's nice

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