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Blue Lipstick Westminster Mouse


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Anabela @ IMG (Paris), IMG (NY), IMG (London), IMG (Milan)

We'll probably never forget the first time we saw her walk. Was in Paris a few seasons ago. Rue du Mail. The girl who looked quite shy on AL Models pictures turned out to have such a unique elegance on the runway. And beyond the runway. Editorials in Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon (unfogettable by Alasdair McLellan) or Self Service won't deny, without forgetting one of her very first editorials in Numéro. These times were also the beginnings of this page in its daily version. We're pretty sentimental sometimes and it might influence us as well. Though, there will always be some obvious and objective (at least less subjective) reasons to drop a few lines on Anabela. From her first steps on the most coveted runways to her most recent news, everything is worth its own amount of words. Her latest season is a perfect as her early days. No hole, absolutely no hole in her show list. No need to name all the Prada, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs and... Rue du Mail again. Maybe one of the strongest memories remains this evening after Louis Vuitton. The collection with the nurses. And blue lipsticks. Windy weather as always on last sundays of Paris fashion week. Probably stronger memories are still to come. Seems that David Sims...


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