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Jewels are shining bright



It's Prada so it has already been seen almost everywhere on the internet. No new picture and not even fresh news. Just this Prada picture again. Was quite a good feeling to discover it a few days, right before everything slows down for the end of the year. We too might slow down. But won't disappear and you still can expect some updates before 2009. We finally decided to post this picture for two reasons. First one is obvious - Sasonkinian news can't wait here. Some of you will find we're completely biased if we say she looks like the main character, we'd rather say just a little bit biased. Of course, the first thing we looked at when we saw some Prada was released was Viktoriya. Of course, six girls are surrounding her. But, based on this first picture only, it looks like her (as well as Nimue) took the best spots. Best poses. Shining. Second reason to put this here and now is the way we got it in our inbox. Was like our Holiday Greetings card from Women and it was written "Joyeaux Noel" with it. We loved the typo so much - joyeaux instead of joyeux which make it sounds like joyaux, french word for jewels. Who else than Viktoriya could be that jewel ? Most amazing typo ever. Shining.


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