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Alena Enikeeva @ PH Models (Russia), Women (Milan), New York Models (NY), MD Management (Hamburg)

She's already known as an italian Glamour cover-girl and, of course, a favorite of Amica. The latter's tastes are often ours too and Alena is no exception. We've been following her for months now, glad to see her signing with agencies worldwide. Like Women Milan and later New York Models where she totally fits the current mood of the editorial board - next to Anastasija Kondratjeva or Raquel Mussi. Next editorial piece for Alena is called Indie, in this excellent issue also featuring Ksenia Gorban (and many others). Pictured by Jens Boldt (styled by Yohei Yoshida), she perfectly and literally melts into a story playing with nudity like a child would play with his toy. A lot of innocence and a slightly impish look, visual effects that make us think of her as ghost mermaid. Swimming in a virtual sea, singing a silent song. If truth doesn't make a noise, true potential doesn't have to shout its name too loud to be noticed.

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