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Timeless beauty just in time

Gracie @ Marilyn (NY)

She's Gracie and she's graceful. She's Brazilian and she's in Brazil. Right now but you'll hear and see more of her soon. Sounds all so easy to tell and that's no wonder: she's so inspiring while words seems made to talk about her beauty. Already a regular cover-girl for L'Officiel Brazil and graced the pages of Vogue from the same country. Currently walking in Rio (with Way Models) - we've spotted her at a few great shows like Coven even if time was missing to review them all, good thing to put on our to-do list for the weekend - she's building up such a serious portfolio. We're waiting to see more, we'll keep watching for her. The most carefully. Everytime we see her it seems the meaning of timeless beauty has found another echo. For good.

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  • Woah she is beautiful!

    Posté par M, 17-01-09 à 06:30 AM

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