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Blond hair, blond brows and lots of shadows

Kathleen Burbridge @ One (NY) No Berlin for us this season. French strikes plus extra heavy schedule in Paris led us to the decision we made to skip the last days of shows in one of our favorite towns - miss Berlin so much. And brought us home in less than two hours yesterday night. Went to the art gallery as soon as our feet were on the ground and the gallerist was so happy to see us back we had a whole bottle of white wine. Back to work now. Background work. Even heavier than in Paris. Less running. More writing. NY is so... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Zoe !

Zoe @ Attractive Models (Hungary) After one week in Paris - running fast and faster - updating only when we had time left, we're now back with some fresher faces, almost unsigned. Besides her mother agency Attractive in Hungary, Zoe is only signed with New Madison in Paris. She'll go there soon for the shows. Maybe an opportunity to see her soon. Might be some, actually. She's 5'10 and simply has the epitome of a runway silhouette with the exclusive face and attitude that goes with it to make a unique package (count her... [Lire la suite]
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Andressa is simply Borbastic

    Andressa Borba @ Ice Models (Milan), New Madison (Paris) Some call it destiny, some call it chance. Truth is we've just received Andressa's pictures from Ice Milan a few days ago then saw her walking for Stéphane Rolland. Fantastic. We thought things started right when we saw her name written at the top of her outfit in backstage. We thought it was all turningh bright when we saw the lady with the mole walking down the runway. Classic beauty with a twist, much presence on the catwalk. Immediately unforgettable and... [Lire la suite]
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Triple Plus Girl Squared

Alyona Zubakina @ MC² (NY) Just back from the last show today. Tons of pics with us but our fingers and heads are a bit too slow to tidy them up and sort it out. Though, with a little fight against our tired minds we managed to open our mails and found Alyona. Polaroids by Bradford Gregory who also shot more of her - another topic for later this week ? - and captured the most brilliant side of the young lady. Poised, quiet beauty and intense gaze. The same little thing that sold us to girls like Angelika Kocheva or Anna... [Lire la suite]
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She framed Mr Rabbit !

Janet Friedrich @ One (NY) Her tee-shirt asks who framed Roger Rabbit. We don't have the answer. We just have sweet memories from our childhood when we see this written. Janet seems escaped from such a cartoon too and helps us to escape from reality when it's heavily needed. Need to have our heads in the clouds before running again. Before keeping our feet on the ground. Before lunch. Before next shows. Paris is Paris. We are who we are. Virtually flying to NY for a few minutes. Or just a second. Might be enough to feel... [Lire la suite]
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Already ready

Valeria Sokolova @ Women (NY) We're still in Paris but write about NY. Won't be there so it might be quite a dream right now. At the second. It's not for nothing as NY agencies are getting ready. Each its own way. Each its own faces. New faces at Women include the lovely Alexa Yudina featured here a little while ago and... Valeria Sokolova, also featured recently (here and on Lexposure). We've been following each of her steps from her very first pictures when she arrived at Avant Moscow to her editorial in Amica this... [Lire la suite]
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Super New Lil'One and Only Jules

  Jules @ One (NY) Little breathe, little breeze of fresh. Silent room in the heart of the city. Red translucent curtains and just enough light to see this strange keyboard we're now working with. It took a little longer to get used to it but now we write as we always did: connecting our minds to our fingers and the latters to the letters. That's how we come to Jules, latest to arrive at One, aka the One we've been waiting for. Jules has this sensitive beauty that fit the moment, that quiet look we need before another... [Lire la suite]
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We say hi and wow

Niia Alakoski @ Premier (London) Her post was first meant to be our last update before leavng, it's finally our first one since we arrived in town. Schedule has been hectic so far, mostly filled with unexpected things. Delightful and exhausting. First break of our trip - after having a quick meal made of industrial cheese and organic green tea with ginger and soya milk. First opportunity to write again. Before starting with some freshly made topics live from Paris, let's keep in touch with our latest loves who ... [Lire la suite]
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On the top of the page, the top of the list: Auguste-mix

Auguste Tomasuite @ Women We're not sure about the number of updates we still can post before catching the train tomorrow but Auguste had to be among them. For sure. We've noticed her when she arrived in Tokyo - with Donna Models and immediately put her on the top of our list. Just two polas were enough. Eye-catching. No need to see more at that time even if the "more" was eye-catching too. Every single piece was despite a very light portfolio so far. When additional info says she's 5'10, doubts disappear as quickly as... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anu !

        Anu  @ Brand (Finland) With the little help of one more cup of coffee, it became slightly more possible to think about writing it all before the night falls down again. Just one more. Not two. After five cups the world seems too slow as your mind is going too fast. Though, we're wondering what is really going too fast right now. Time. Most likely. Pushing us hard to look ahead, think ahead of it - time, keep an eye on who's next. Who, and when. If not now, tomorrow is always sooner as expected. We... [Lire la suite]
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