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Let her shine

Svitlana @ Wilhelmina (NY)

It's too cold in NY to take some polaroids outside. So no daylight for Svitlana. Or you might consider her as too bright to need the sun's help for her digitals. And we actually love the golden yellow light on the first three then the contrast with the fourth, the close-up. Mix it to her poses - half playful, half shy and you've got a very special atmosphere for an intro. We'll definitely talk about her much longer but couldn't wait to drop a few line. Right now, before leaving. Weekend, weekend at work. Still much on our list and as Svitlana was at the top of that one, we have to do it now. Emergency. We couldn't wait to let her shine as the moon doesn't show up tonight and the sun went to be a few hours ago already. More to come very soon, just let her glow till then and light up your evening.

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  • Ha it's funny you say she shines, because name Svetlana comes from the word "light" in Russian.(i guess she is Russian) She looks lovely by the way.

    Posté par Model Whispers, 06-02-09 à 10:54 PM
  • Her Shine

    I payed attantion to her when I saw her on the fashion TV, a lot of people say that she is rising star! I think she lives in New York...

    Posté par fashion check, 13-02-09 à 05:57 AM
  • THANKS 4 sharing

    Thanks guys, love her name even more now ! great that it matches the meaning that well, and yes, I hope this is true, I have no hard time believe it... also Wilhelmina is on the way.. let's see ! with fingers crossed :p


    Posté par maud, 20-03-09 à 10:01 PM

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