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Meet Melinda !

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Melinda @ Maverick Agency (Hungary)

She's Maverick's little treasure and she's currently in Tokyo with Donna Models. Telephone is ringing while we are writing and we should be able to post more material soon. So, go fo an intro. Getting more confident day after day, making her early marks in the fashion world, mixing cuteness with consciousness, arousing interest that will turn into editorials. As her agent tells it herself, she's never met someone like Melinda (5'8 and 16): out of this world with her feet on the ground. Not bad for an intro. Wait for the update now!

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  • I just discovered your blog, thanks to Couture Carrie.
    I really like what I saw, and I added you at FM Red Carpet, welcome!


    Posté par Fashion Moment, 09-02-09 à 05:57 PM
  • she's a lovely girl.

    Posté par haylin, 09-02-09 à 08:06 PM
  • absolutely amazing! Melinda has this vibe of tenderness and alienation which makes her stand out. these eyes are to dive into. hope she'll be doing really fine.
    thank you for this discovery!

    Posté par dbp, 11-02-09 à 12:24 AM
  • thank u so much guys

    Posté par maud, 22-02-09 à 11:37 PM
  • thank u so much guys

    Posté par maud, 22-02-09 à 11:37 PM

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