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Dolled up and well-groomed

Ksenia Gorban @ One (NY)

Miles away from our last convo tonight, with her dark olive green outfit. Some broke in and stole her from an imaginary dollhouse to send her in NY. Was quite a good idea after all. As you see how she works out the genius lighting. Colors and shadows playing their parts surrounding the main character of the story, Ksenia herself. There is something unquestionably quiet, calm and poised in her poses and expressions. Something dramatic underneath. Something going on deep inside that only allows a small bit of it to express. It's not the first time we drop a few lines on Ksenia and probably not the last either. We'll always insist on the creature and character she has build through the different roles she had to play in editorials. Polaroids might even have an advantage, they never lie. Ksenia's truth in four parts.

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