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Photomaton with Aluna

DSC08731 009
011 DSC08754
DSC08757 008
Aluna @ Sergey Nagorny (Belarus), IMG (Paris)

London has begun but we already have our head in Paris. Well, we'll talk about London and even a bit of New York a bit later today. Wanted to start this saturday morning with a coffee, banana-flavoured chocolate bars and a photomaton with one of these fantastic and freshly signed at IMG Paris. Here you go. Nagorny's next pearl in town is called Aluna, is a stunner without make-up on her digitals and her poses are divine. Naturally multi-tasked beauty that can also rely on her prominent eye-brows to catch some more attention.

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  • WOW! She's got those piercing eyes I adore at IMG girls!

    Posté par Amelia, 23-02-09 à 12:19 AM
  • Yes

    Posté par maud, 04-03-09 à 10:07 AM

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